Doll Sweet 145 in LPink skin tone

This brand new Doll Sweet 145 is ready for shipping from Berlin on the next working day.


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Still running until June 25th, 2015 are our Summer Sales #1-4. On sale are nine different body styles by Doll Sweet with body heights of 145 cm, 158 cm, 160, and 168 cm. Included in the base price of every doll are two different heads of your free choice.

Doll Sweet April head

Today, Doll Sweet announced two new heads: April and DoraCE (CE = Closed Eyes). Both heads are compatible with all 145 cm bodies.

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DS Doll eye colors

On March 25th, 2015 Doll Sweet reduced the number of available eye colors. Four colors remain to choose from: Brown, Blue, Green, and Purple.

Doll Sweet Cartoon head

On February 18th, 2015 Doll Sweet announced the new Cartoon head. It's the first Anime/Manga style head by DS Doll. Cartoon is compatible with all 145 cm bodies.

Dolls von Doll Sweet jetzt mit weicherem Silikon

The dolls by Doll Sweet earned an excellent reputation; they are very robust, lightweight, and highly poseable. These doll's range of movements is very life-like, and there is a multitude of customization options to accomodate the dolls to almost any requirement.

Doll Sweet Fleur head

Today, Doll Sweet announced two new heads vorgestellt: Fleur and Serena.

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The official Doll Sweet is relaunched with new design and more content.

Doll Sweet zeigt drei Silikon-Dolls auf der Guangzhou Expo 2012

The Japanese-Chinese love doll manufacturer Doll Sweet presents three silicone dolls at Guangzhou Expo 2012.

The short video shows i9mpressions from the exhibition and some details of the Doll Sweet booth. Akso, the video demonstrates how suitable DS dolls are as well as mannequins as for photographic posings.

Doll Sweet zeigt vier Silikon-Dolls auf der Shanghai Expo 2013

The Japanese-Chinese love doll manufacturer Doll Sweet presented four silicone dolls at Shanghai Expo 2013.

The short video shows some impressions from Doll Sweet's booth and demonstrates as well how well suited DS dolls are as mannequins.