About DS Doll

DS Doll aka Doll Sweet is a manufacturer of life-sized and life-like dolls with a vast array of individualization options.

All dolls are made of platinum-cured silicone and have a robust metal skeleton with joints.

DS Doll was established in 2010.

The Chinese parent company is EX Doll. Doll Sweet & EX Doll are located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.

In the pursuit of beauty, we have to adhere to a vision of their own: we hope our work is not mere "manufacturing", but in "creation".

Therefore our sculptors, engineers, makeup artists, dozens of people, have to make continual refinements on each fabrication step, aiming for every detail to reach the peak.

For research and development company we invest a lot of money every year in new products and new characteristics, including artificial intelligence and mechanical skeleton.

What drives us and makes us different.

Our silicone dolls are more than adult sex toys, but work of art. We create beauties and dreams.

Our mission is to promote openness, innovation, towards progressive and more perfect development. We are building constantly better and workable dolls.

A wide variety of products and excellent performance is our core competitiveness. Doll performance improvement leads us to greater and greater perfection. We believe that there is an expanding and developing market in the future.