Purchase process

Customizing your desired configuration. With the form on each product page, you may customize the doll to your liking and then put the desired configuration into the shopping cart. Some options depend on each other; for example, a second head can only be configured after you have chosen the primary head. During checkout, you may leave remarks for the order, for example if you have unanswered questions.

The selected configuration is being submitted to the manufacturer, Doll Sweet, and will be confirmed usually within 24 hours. If certain options are not available at the moment or would cause additional costs, you will receive an e-mail; otherwise you will get an order confirmation.

Please note, that certain options like a 2nd head, pubic hair or a hang kit are charged extra.

The order confirmation is the binding price offer. Up to this moment, you may change the selected configuration any time. If you are still unsure, allow yourself a couple of days to think things through. Only when you are fully satisfied with your customized configuration, you should pay the amount as stated on the invoice.

Individual manufacturing. After payment has cleared, your doll will be manufactured according to the individually chosen configuration. Manufacturing a Doll Sweet doll requires roughly 80 steps and takes two to four weeks.

As soon as the ordered doll has been completed, you will receive a set of photos of your doll.

The doll will be shipped in a padded carton with a package size of 158 × 44 × 38 cm and a package weight of about 30-50 kg, depending on the size of your doll.

All dolls are imported into the EU area and shipped from an EU warehouse. The package will be forwarded with a courier service which usually is UPS. You may monitor the delivery progress at any time with a supplied tracking code.