Doll Sweet DS-167 Evo body style


The Doll Sweet DS-167 Evo body style aka UK-170 Evo is currently the tallest female doll by DS Doll. The body is life-like and was modeled after an actress, retaining many details of her body. The DS-167 Evo features large ›D‹ cup breasts and a fixed (built-in) vagina.

This silicone love doll has a robust metal skeleton with joints and features a body height of 150 cm (without head). Because of her low weight of 29 kg, this doll can be handled relatively easy. Optionally, S-level (studio level) makeup is available.

Body measurements: 85 cm (breasts), 59 cm (waist), and 95 cm (hips).

The DS-167 Evo is available in six different skin tones (white, lpink, cream, yellow, tan, and brown). You can choose between more tight or more loose joints. With tight joints, the DS-167 Evo is especially well suited for photographic posings. With loose joints, your DS-167 Evo will move more natural when making love.

The DS-167 Evo was introduced in December 2017.

Please note: The measured weights of the predecessor (DS-167) were higher than specified (between 38 and 32 kg without head).

Please choose your desired configuration from the following options.

  • If you are not sure which option to choose, we will gladly give advice: Contact form.
  • If you choose "doesn't matter", we will decide together with the manufacturer corresponding with availability.
  • If you have special requirements that are not available in the listed options, we will check with pleasure what is possible: Contact form.

When configuring your DS-167 Evo doll please note:

  • The DS-167 Evo can be combined with all regular silicone heads;
  • when choosing standard makeup, a 2nd head is included;
  • when choosing S-level (studio level) makeup, only Kayla, Sharon and Leaf heads are available, and only one head is included;
  • when choosing the Sharon or Leaf head, only the special skin tone is available (betreen cream and tan).
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DS-167 Evo
UK-170 Evo
Height (without head): 
150 cm
32 kg
Height (with head): 
167 cm
85 cm
68 cm
59 cm
95 cm
Hand length: 
17 cm
Arm length: 
49 cm
Foot length: 
22 cm
Serial number: 
Clothing sizes
Cup size: 

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