Doll Sweet body style DS170 with Kayla head

Recently, Doll Sweet released new photos with the new DS170 body style and Kayla head.

The skin tone depicted on the images is LPink.

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We wish our friends, customers and business partners a peaceful Christmas and time for contemplative moments, coziness and relaxation!

Aung & the DS Doll Europe team

Christmas and new year discount event

Doll Sweet is running a Christmas and new year discount event from December 16th, 2015 until January 16th, 2016.

On sale are all dolls from the 14x lineup (DS145 "Normal", DS145 Minus, and DS145 Plus) with one doll head; also, there are free options (no charge for finger nails and maniphalanx option).

Doll Sweet just released the pricing:

Doll Sweet body style 170 with KaylaCE head

It has been a while since Doll Sweet introduced a completely new body style. But now it is here! The new body style 170 was sculpted by a human actress; it has big breasts with D cup size and a curvy 95 cm hip.

The body without head is 2 cm longer compared to the 168 Plus body style (150/148 cm), and with a breast curcumference of 85 cm, it is more busty than the 168 Plus (79 cm) or the 160 Plus (82 cm).

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DS168-B DS160-L Plus und DS168-L - Fotosession mit Hindernissen

After a couple of nice photo shootings with Aung, Celia, and Phoebe in the past weeks, I had a new idea and invited the three girls over. Aung and Celia arrived first, and I started to instruct them. After they undressed, I started like this:

Celia: "Like this?"

Doll Sweet 168-L mit Youyi-Kopf - Cosplay Leia

This is an example configuration for the preconfigured Doll Sweet 168 in LPink skin tone, together with the Youyi head.

Youyi wears a cosplay costume in the style of Princess Leia from the Star Wars movie series.

The preconfigured silicone doll as shown above is ready for shipping on the next working day.


DS Doll Europe Summer Sale #10 - Doll Sweet Promotions

The Doll Sweet promotions[/i] are partially preconfigured and partially customizable:

  • Choose skin tone - yes
  • Choose joint type - yes
  • Choose eye color - yes
  • Choose wig color - yes

The other options are fixed as noted below.

DS Doll Europe Summer Sale #9 - Separate Doll Sweet heads

  • Preconfigured heads
  • No waiting time
  • Ready for shipping from Berlin on the next working day
  • Includes customs and taxes for all EU countries

a) Heads for 15x/16x lines:

DS Doll Europe Summer Sale #8 - DS168

  • Preconfigured doll
  • No waiting time
  • Ready for shipping from Berlin on the next working day
  • Includes customs and taxes for all EU countries


  • Skin tone: LPink
  • Tight joints
  • Fingers with phalanx
  • With finger nails and toe nails
  • Pubic hair: no fur
  • Vagina: Insert

Qty available: 1pcs