Doll Sweet DS-163 Plus body style with ›Yolanda‹ head - silicone

Doll Sweet released new photos with the DS-163 body style (aka UK168 plus) and the ›Yolanda‹ head.

The DS-163 Plus is an elegant supermodel-like body style with long legs and a thin waist.

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Doll Sweet DS-167 body style with ›Mohan‹ head - silicone

Doll Sweet introduced a new silicone head called ›Mohan‹.

The life-sized ›Mohan‹ head is only available together with a DS-167 body (UK170).

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Doll Sweet introduced a new prototype of the robot love doll.

The head has now detailed animatronics, which are operated by remote control.

The EX-lite with penis attachments for the male doll DS-170/M.

These penis attachments fit to all life-sized dolls by Doll Sweet.

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DS170 Male love doll

Doll Sweet introduced a male love doll.

The life-sized silicone man has a body height of about 170 cm and weights ca. 40 kg (according to manufacturer's specifications).

Shipping of the DS-170 body style to Europe starts in December.

Announcement on Twitter

The first EX-lite arrived today. Here are some first impressions.

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Doll Sweet announced the completion of the new EX-lite.

This life-sized polyurethane love doll has a body height of ca. 163 cm and weights about 8 kg.

Shipping of the EX-lite to Europe starts in December.

Announcement on Twitter

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Doll Sweet DS167 body style with Kayla head

Today, Doll Sweet released a new photo set with the DS167 body style and ›Kayla‹ head. Kayla incorporates an office lady.

The skin tone shown on the photos is LPink.

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Today we took a couple of images which show the Jiaxin and Jiayi heads with different blonde wigs.

Fitting to the heads we chose the DS167 body style in skin tone LPink and a dirndl costume.

The complete photo sets are available in the gallery.

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DS167 weight

Doll Sweet has updated the names and specification for some silicone love dolls. From now on: